Aladdin (2014)

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Final performance:
Andrew Pollard

Stephen Joseph Theatre
The Round

1 December 2014
16 December 2014
3 January 2015
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Company Details

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Fight Director:
Musical Director:
Musical Arrangements:
Junk Band Composer:

Company Stage Manager:
Deputy Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Manager:
Chris Monks
Sue Condie
Tigger Johnson
Paul Stear
Liam Evans-Ford
Helen Thompson
Mark Gordon
Richard Atkinson
Ernest Acquah

Fleur Linden Beeley
Neil Webb
Emma Lang

Mrs Darzi
Mr Ghobad
Sultana of Kashgar / Altair
Princess Badroulbadour
Sven Gali

Young Company
Paul Ryan
Andy Cryer
Jay Saighal
Heather Phoenix
Arabella Rodrigo
Ian Crowe
Victoria Hamnett

Ruth Allison
Joseph Beeley
Jamie Coles
Riby Davies
Stella Furness
Ariel Hebditch
Bradley Hodgson
Alfie Howle
Hannah Lockwood
Holly Louth
Jamie Louth
Sarah Mills
Nathan Mundey
Sadie Robinson
Evie Stanway
Alfie Woodhead


Promoted as a ‘magical musical tale’, Aladdin can lay claim to being the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s first pantomime (the only other viable contender is Robin Hood & The Magic Forest from 1976, but little information is held in archive about this) as it contained many traditional panto elements - not least the story of Aladdin itself which can take its pantomime roots back to the 19th century. Incorporating a dame, pop music and the traditional opportunity to sing-a-long and interact, Aladdin was promoted as a modern re-interpretation of the English panto tradition.
It also marked the first time there was a substantive difference between the running times of the 'schools' and 'public' performances of the play with the 'schools' performances reported to have run an hour shorter than the 'public' performance; quite how this affected the production's narrative and integrity is unrecorded.
This was the final production at the SJT to be directed by Artistic Director Chris Monks before stepping down in 2015; although he would direct Cox 'n' Box in the spring, this was a revival of the production staged earlier in 2014.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.